What We Do

Back to Earth Vermicastings is a sustainable waste management service that focuses on helping businesses become more environmentally sustainable. What does this mean? Essentially, we take part of your waste stream and turn it into a value-added product. We accomplish this by diverting your business’ pre-consumer food waste from the local landfill to our facility, where we turn it into vermicastings (worm castings) in as little as five weeks.


What are Vermicastings?

Vermicastings are an organic material that has passed through the digestive tract of an earthworm and become inoculated with a high diversity of beneficial soil microbes. Worm castings are one of nature’s most powerful organic fertilizers.

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Service Options

Back to Earth Vermicastings will do the work for you! When you sign up for the commercial vermicomposting service, you’re committing to simple, responsible waste management. It’s as easy as collecting your food waste and allowing Back to Earth to do the heavy lifting.

Depending on your needs, our staff will visit your location either once or twice weekly to pick up what you have collected throughout the week. Pick-ups will occur on Mondays and/or Fridays.


Once Weekly

$47 Per Month + Tax

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Twice Weekly

$62 Per Month + Tax

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You can also test out the service with a free trial!


The service that our company provides is a supplement to a traditional trash pick-up service. The Back to Earth Vermicomposting service simply enables businesses to be more environmentally-friendly when it comes to their company’s waste management process.This service is not a replacement for a trash service.

*Holiday pick-up times will be conveniently negotiated*


Our Why

Simply put, we do what we do in order to improve the health of Fort Wayne and our planet.

When your food waste is hauled off to the landfill, it is dumped and buried under dirt, depriving it of oxygen, where it begins to decompose anaerobically. A biproduct of anaerobic decomposition is methane, which escapes as methane gas into our atmosphere. Methane gas is a greenhouse gas (GHG) just like carbon dioxide, except it is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a GHG. Every single pound of methane gas released into the atmosphere has the same effect as 23 pounds of carbon dioxide being released.

Our process prevents this from happening. Instead of adding GHGs into the atmosphere, we actually remove GHG from the atmosphere over the lifetime of our product! We mix your food waste with other landfill-diverted organic material and pre-compost it in the presence of oxygen, which doesn’t create any methane gas biproduct. (Pre-composting destroys potential disease-causing pathogens). Then we feed that food waste to our population of earthworms which, in turn, convert your waste into our finished product, vermicastings, which double as little carbon storage banks. 


Partnership Incentives:

We make our service work for you, and for our planet. At Back to Earth Vermicastings, we make our customers our priority. We will dedicate our resources to ensure the best service possible. It’s also important to us that we help you understand the important work you’re doing by partnering with us. 

Every six months we will provide you with a report that details:
  • How much waste you have diverted from our local landfill
  • What environmental impacts you have created
  • How much you have reduced your company’s carbon footprint

We will also add your company name and address to our website and other promotional materials as a Back to Earth Vermicastings partner that is actively making Fort Wayne a more environmentally-friendly place to live. Additionally, you will be welcome to do any in-house advertising in association with Back to Earth Vermicastings, letting your customers know that you are responsibly managing your waste stream.


Our Partners:

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